Your Own Armored Car  Baby Boomers' priorities have shifted from speed and horse-powers to safety and protecting their families. As automakers respond, a new high-tech age of auto safety is dawning- one in which cars will protect us like armor in even the most violent crashes. Here are some features to look for now and down the road.

A. Air bags that deploy from windshield area and front bumpers to cushion pedestrians.

B. Smart cruise control senses cars ahead and hits on the brakes to keep from tailgating.

C. Crash censors detect collision speed and angle so bags and belts work in harmony.

D. Night vision infrared sensors let you see five times further than with headlights alone.

E. Smart seatbelts grip at impact, then loosen, reducing whiplash.

F. Stability control sensors detect a spinout, and then brake or power wheels individually to keep car on track.

G. Telematics- wireless phones and Global Positioning Systems call for help if airbags deploy.

H. Backup sensors detect objects and people, triggering an alarm.

I. Brake lights that flash when you stop suddenly, alerting cars behind you.

J. Fiber-optic headlamps beam light to the sides, in the direction the car is turning.

K. Forward-facing camera warns you if your car veers out of its lane.

L. Heartbeat sensor detects if someone is trapped or hiding inside your vehicle.